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Swiss watch is a quality standard; it is in Switzerland produced tens of thousands of watches have been widely recognized as a piece of gold in Switzerland, it represents the quality of the guarantee.

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Our stores are using the best quality of the replica movement, smooth movement. Whether it is quartz movement, mechanical movement or other movement of the replica watch, can be found in our online store.

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The replica brand is in accordance with the world famous watch brand copy, is 1: 1 copy manufacturing, and the original difference is not, its quality is not inferior to the original, and cheap, suitable for public purchase.

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Watch the use of six restricted areas

1. Replica watch can not be used in strong magnetic field environment

General mechanical replica watch magnetic ability is only within a limited range to achieve the effect of anti-magnetic, if it exceeds its anti-magnetic ability, the steel parts within the replica watch will be magnetized, gossamer will also be affected, resulting in the replica watch is not accurate, Go fast phenomenon, serious will appear to stop.

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2. Replica watch fear of severe shock and shock

Replica watch is a sophisticated timing tool, parts are small, and mechanical replica watch only rely on the shock absorber shock performance to prevent vibration is a certain limit, beyond the effective range of the shock absorber, the first will cause the tip of the damage. In addition, other parts of the mechanical replica watch such as gossamer, drill eye, axle tip, etc.,by severe vibration will be faulty or damaged. Quartz watches, although there is no pendulum, gossamer and other vulnerable parts, but the impact of large electronic components will also cause damage, affecting the use of watches.

3. General waterproof replica watch can not take swimming

In the eyes of many people, that my replica watch is waterproof replica watch, you can waterproof, I do not have to take down when swimming, in fact, this idea is wrong. Because the general waterproof replica watch is not swimming, diving replica watch, although it uses a sealed measure, to prevent water splash and daily sweat intrusion, but not soaked in water. General waterproof replica watch on the meter or atmospheric pressure marked with the depth of water, is the waterproof test in the laboratory when the theoretical depth of water, test the replica watch and the water are in constant temperature, static state. And real life in this constant temperature, static is not there. We wear watches in the water activities will greatly increase the water pressure on the replica watch. Therefore, it is best not to wear a general waterproof replica watch to swim or take a bath.

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4. The impact of chemicals on the appearance of watches

Many replica watch appearance parts such as straps, case is gold-plated, chrome-plated or degree of titanium carbide, the coating is thinner, and some cases, the replica watch itself is plastic shell, if the appearance of these watches or their coating by chemical such as Alcohol, alcohol, paint, cosmetics, sprays, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, water and solvent contact with the thermometer broken mercury, such as contact, erosion, will change color, corrosion, and even delamination. Therefore, our watches in daily use, should try to avoid contact with the chemical and acid, alkali, salt erosion, so as to avoid damage to the appearance of replica watch parts, affecting the appearance and use.

5. Adjust the replica watch when the calendar "restricted area"

Calendar replica watch if the work process in a certain period of time can not use the fast-forwarding agencies to change the day, this time we are called "closed." In the "restricted area" this time, the calendar institutions in the dial on the dial on the back of the calendar ring is just in the back of the calendar ring, then if the fast transfer adjustment calendar, will make the calendar ring rotation by the head of the obstruction is bound Damaged parts. So in the "restricted area" during this time can not quickly adjust the calendar.

6. Watches can not be stored with camphor

Camphor (including natural camphor, artificial camphor, coal tar) is a very volatile material. Camphor is always volatile, placed in the closet and the box of "mothballs" slowly smaller, is the result of camphor volatilization. Camphor volatile molecules easily with the replica watch movement of the lubricating oil chemical reaction, so that the loss of lubricating oil lubrication. So that the replica watches can not move normally, a direct impact on the travel time and service life.

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